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1st walk thru Kuopio

Bennett as the good tour guide!

sunny 25 °C

Bennett took some time to take us thru the walking passages of the student life that he has learnt over this past 3/4 months. He is good! I am glad for all those years of chatting with him like he ma buddy (He is really a great person).. he walked us on shortcuts to the BIG very affordable shop that Mikko drove us to upon our arrival. The shop is called Prisma and he says its the cheapest u can get as a student!


We were supposed to buy some groceries but we found it closed, so as a treat he took us for a loong walk to the city center. The trees here are just for me n Monty! waitse its just beau....nice, green trees with an average height of a 3 storey building! yea! almost all of them are actually taller than that...and green. I like this place...

Its expensive here, legend was true! but as long s we follow Bennett's survival tips u got nothing to worry bout, He is a good guide. And hey, a bicycle is a good thing to have here! Finnish people use more bikes than cars in summer! everywhere there is a huge packing lot for them! Bennett bought one for 80 Euros, he says he'll sell it to Siphokazi n I for 30 Euros when he leaves in 2 weeks (he was waiting for us n the Service Design course)! We gon split the cost n get it, it'll b worth it coz public transport is damn expensive here.


The good thing is our vasity, student centers, international offices n stuff are within walking distance so its ait. But for shops a bike will b better than walking. I just took a shower now, its slightly dark now..got my Service design articles to read.

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1st trip to Finland

sunny 25 °C

Finally m sitting down! This was my first international trip and boy! was it looooongg! lol! I was not nervous at all=> bravery runs thru ma "Greek" blood! Saying bye was hard at the Cape Town airport, but I kept up a brave face so that my Fiancee can be strong too.

It was nice to get into such a huge plane! 270 or more passenger capacity! except for too many crying babies in the middle of a random nap, its was a good trip!I mean, look at this:

I was numbed by the urge to getting into the Cape Town plane without any trouble. Then I felt that ama miss my fiancée Monty, but I didn't know by how much till i was activity-less on air over Africa! shucks! All i could think of was her....her....AAND her! I miss her...

Istanbul was cloudy when we got there @ 06:00Hrs but soon cleared up to an amazing 25 degrees or higher! Siphokazi & I split to freshen up in bathrooms, then we waited (sleepy) in random seats till the boarding of the Helsinki flight....Then Monty called me!! I was so glad coz my international Vodacom roaming is floppy! it caught on for a few minutes and she chose just those seconds! God bless her!

We got to Helsinki & I had a smashing headache (air pressure as the plane descended). We took bus 615 (driver doesn't know English!) to Helsinki Railway station and waited for our train to Joensuu & Kuopio. Fancy trains these people got! shoo..
and its fast...it was going at an average speed of 140km/hr for like 4 hours till we got to the Kuopio station. Mikko & Bennett were waiting for us and took us to do some basic food shopping..then to the cribs for briefing and stuff. The apartments are 3 bedroomed and r cool, m still alone but Mikko & Bennett made sure we are settled well.They are a cool pair.....:-)

I bought the wrong South Africa-> Europe adapter so my laptop was in trouble. Bennett and I ended up agreeing to cut my laptop plug off and use the wires in the socket! LOL! It works...each of us has a modem with unlimited internet. At 22:00Hrs I managed to see Monty & Dee (They showed me my favourite chicken curry over video n made me drool!) on Skype...she smiled so much it broke my heart...

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