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In closing....

*Yea, sad I know...but its the way God intended*

rain 18 °C

Being in Finland was super awesome. I grew up a lot when there. Its funny when you come back and people think you are still the same....yet you feel that growth in yourself and cant explain it. Well, in time I guess they will see that my knowledge base and personality has been enhanced positively ;)

When I 1st got to Finland it was early August and Kuopio was vacant...NO ONE! shoo that was a terrible time for Sipho and I! We would walk in town and barely see anyone interesting....just mostly old people and uninterested young people. The trip to Lappenranta was great but did not really improve the situation much. The accommodation was depressing, even for Bennett! September brought some sunshine; orientation brought a stream of students in from all over and it got richer and richer in Kuopio.The international office had crazy awesome ideas for fun and we mingled with other international students. Slowly my pain of being away from home got better.....

The most challenging thing about being in Finland was trying to make peace with how much I missed my fiancée; Monty. It was terrible at times. We Skyped of course, but at times it made things worse...especially when we had to hit that "Hang up" button :(. We had our challenges of sulking and misunderstandings due to the loneliness, but I appreciate that through the Lord we proved that we are stronger than 3 months apart. Not easily broken ;)

As the month of October dragged on, the school work increased in load. It was fun, yet tedious most of the times. I had to learn things within short periods, I had to read loads of articles, I had to write essays...and yet I was supposed to be there to write my thesis. I have to be honest and admit that I did not complete the write-ups as planned, but I dont regret it because what I learnt there is more than what I could have learnt if I was hibernating somewhere and just writing my thesis.

Leaving Finland was a mixture of :( and :)...I was super excited to be going back to Monty, and sad to be leaving my friends. The looks on their faces will forever haunt me. My flatmantes Allard Korevaar & Vladmir Maskov I miss. I am also grateful for my friends Prince Dadson, Lucie Mikesková,Mária Králiková, Maria Radova,my tutor Ville Waarna,Paulina Dziubak,Hana Chlubnova, Daniela Číhalová, Katharina Liepe to mention a few. This list does not mean I dont appreaciate other people I came across with while in Finland, these friends here I always hang out with hence I know them better than most of the international students there. I appreciate all of them awesome people :)

It has been great, and I would do it all over again (provided Monty is with me the next time! lol).....Thank you God...and thanks to Prof Mikko Korpela & Dr Retha de la Harpe for making all of this possible.

Aaaaannnnd CUT!!!!

********************BLOG CLOSED******************************

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The travel back home

*The edgy way home-excitement!*

semi-overcast 16 °C

Going back home was better than the 1st time. Now we knew where we were going and all, we were more relaxed. The 1st thing I had to do was go and sell my bike to Ashik from India. He did not turn up so out of faith I left the bike there for him and later sent him and email of instructions...trusting in God that Ashik will be honest and deposit my money. God never disappoints; the guy did just what i hoped for! :D

Tuija came to pick us up and take us to the airport (God bless her) and we got there on time. We were even early! And it was snowing when we got to the airport. At security control they threw away most of my poor toiletry because they were more than the 50ml they allow :(. We flew from Kuopio to Helsinki within an hour, from there we took some crazy pics:


From there we took a flight to Istanbul, Turkey. On the flight i took some pics when airborne:


We had to wait FIVE hours in Istanbul, Turkey. We anticipated that it was going to be way too long but it was actually better than we thought. We tried to get out of the airport to see the city but it was not allowed for non-diplomatic people :(. The 5 hours passed very quickly as we sat for a while, walked around and even went through shops there. The flight left Istanbul at 23:20 and we were already tired...BUT when we got in and saw the fancy LCD screens in front of each seat I was excited and decided to watch movies! hahaha....


From here we arrived superb in South Africa, no turbulence thanks to the Lord. We arrived in Cape Town at past noon October 31st and I saw Monty waving anxiously as I passed to go to the passport control! :D I remember during the bag collection we took some pics and some security guy called Sipho to delete the pictures! hahahaha!

From the airport Monty & Kgosi took me to a restaurant and we ate some good Thai food. It was so great to be back home...and my Monty and I did not even know how to act because we missed each other so much....

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Bye byes

*sob sob momets*

snow -1 °C

The last week was kinda odd as I have mentioned before. A mix of excitement and recognition that I am going to miss Finland. My friends were happy to see me go back at home, but also sad that I will be leaving them :(. I was sad too....but my heart was aching for the woman I love, that is my main driving force in life. On Friday 29th Allard made some small snacks for me and I really enjoyed the gesture. Then I rushed to Antura Pubbi for the bye bye party that Lucie & Maria arranged for me....


From the party it was back to packing and leaving...shoo. I was excited and finally really sad that I am going to miss my friends. Thank God for technology, we are going to be connected always....I got lots of invitations to come back to Europe :)

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The last week

Such a mixture of emotions

all seasons in one day

This past week marked my last official week here in the Suomi. It started with a hectic schedule of all-day lectures (Strategic Management theories in healthcare and social organisations AND leadership theories in healthcare and social organisations) with Jari. Those are awesome classes that I will happily recommend to anyone who wants to get in-depth knowledge of those fields.

The Tuesday was marked with what I deemed my last party here in Kupio->Halloween! I was actually a bit lazy to get a costume in place because of the hectic school demands, but at last minute I got something just hours before the party. I went there with Toby my Dutch friend and the setting was great. I did not even get to buy myself 1 drink, my friends took me to the counter as a byebye courtesy :) I am happy to have met these bunch of people, they are so warm in their personalities; They have earned themselves a place in my good memories section of this busy brain ;). Vladmir was also there with Anna, staring into each other's eyes..... There were great costumes in place and Sarita organized fun activities as usual.


Way too many funny pictures to put here. The following day I was up and running about again, its hectic to leave. I was excited all the way, thinking of the very minute I set my eyes on my Monty again.....my Monty, how so this lonely heart misses u! I had submissions here and there to keep me from daydreaming. In the meantime I slowly started to feel like I am really fading out of the picture....like I am slowly becoming nothing but a memory in a cyber space...:( I will so miss Kuopio, it has been good to me. All week I had moments when I would stop and just sadly stare at Snellmania, Canthia, Studentia, Prisma, Tori, the popular 2nd hand shop...you know, all those places that made a part of the days! Sad....it snowed again this week and I was walking around all day and it exhausted me lots! Walking in melting snow is tiring! :-(

Anyways the week was full of mixed emotions. I am really excited to be going back to my beautiful Monty....cant wait!! :) And then I will have those moments when i look at the place that made my 1st international travel and sadden up a little bit...and to add more my friends here would get so sad they avoided the topic altogether :(......I will miss them that I know. What a heavy week.....

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Marie's birthday party

The theme was to have a crazy hat on-My flatmate & I won the award!

rain 5 °C

Last night was Marie's 20th birthday held at Studentia (our student center). As mentioned she asked everyone to make some crazy hat to make the party interesting. My flatmate Allard (from Netherlands) came up with an insane hat idea and we ran around making it happen! When we got to the party we had our hats hidden in shopping bags and some people were disappointed when we walked in heads bare. Then we sneaked into the WC (toilet/bathroom) and we came out to get a couple of laugh, admiration, nods and envy! Let me not "talk" too much, pictures speak a thousand words:


We had fun and we were famous! Everyone just wanted to touch our hats and asked a lot of questions as to how we managed to put the hat together! At some point Allard was tired of his hat and took it off, not me! More pics:

Needless to say, by the end of the night I think there were more pictures of me taken than I did here! Everyone asked me for a pose with them and clicked away. I bet I will see them somewhere on cyber space somewhere, Facebook most probably! Good one, happy times....I came back after midnight and had a good chat with my Monty before sleeping, perfecting ending :)

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